About The Department

Intake of the Department = 60

Human Creativity received no barriers when it is combined with Digital Technology. Current World’s Scenario has increased the need of Digital connectivity, Digital tools and Digital Applications. Computer Science and Design Course is confederate to Computer Science and Engineering, which not only focuses on Computing Technologies, Software’s, Programming and Tools but also incorporates the various Design Methods and Interaction Approaches. The course aims at achieving the interdisciplinary skill-set that enables the graduates to endow themselves in various fields such as IT industry, Animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Multimedia, Robotics, Game Development, Entertainment, Digital Analytics many more.

DSATM - Computer Science and Design


Students will benefit from different opportunities to fit into place in high-quality digital technology programs that encourage their ability to:

  • Develop and apply computational and design engineering to deal with real-world problems and design creative solutions.
  • Navigate the active digital background to become strong, productive, global-minded persons.
  • Participate in a wide-ranging and various computing society that appreciates and incorporates perspectives from different people.
  • Engage as collaborators, researchers, and entrepreneurs on a clear path to success through education and profession.


Computer science and design course prepares students to be successful in knowledge-based global market by providing fair and extended access to high-quality, standards-based, creative computing degree like this future-proof computer science and technological design engineering.